A few practical agreements


We try to start and complete the sessions together. Notify us when you will be a little later. We always record two sessions in advance. Always bring your agenda. Always try to reposs your time. Wanting to go over time means that you take the time of someone else.


Sessions are paid in advance. You pay cash. If we agree that payment by bank transfer is also possible, you will pay before the start of the week in which the next session falls. You can of course get an expense report or a receipt. Please note that the expenses are in accordance with the VAT-free rate.


Because of frequent abuse we are forced to apply the agreements more strictly.

A session can be moved or canceled if you report this three working days in advance. This happens during the previous session or by telephone. (By e-mail, SMS, whatsapp, voicemail etc. can only be notified, but not moved or canceled as such, you have to speak to me in other words live).

Due to frequent abuse and nonchallence we expect from now on a cancellation certificate. Only very exceptional and in accordance with force majeure can be invoked. To ensure a healthy continuity and regularity of the therapy, canceling or moving is possible up to three times. After that, we always charge the full price without exception.

However, a session that has not been canceled or moved is always charged. A new appointment is planned for you and you will be notified. You have the responsibility to keep them up to date. You can speak over a more convenient time by telephone.

Continued cancellation or relocation of sessions necessitates consultation in which it is agreed that either the therapy is stopped or a longer series of sessions are fixed and paid in advance. Therapy requires engagement from all parties. That is why we also demand full commitment and presence.


Any recording of therapy sessions is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of all parties. violations are reported to the Public Prosecution Service without exception.


The duration of therapy has not been determined in advance. For group therapy each one commits per trimester. A good completion is part of the therapeutic process and takes place in coordination. This is being worked on in the therapy.

If you consider stopping early – this is premature – then announce this in a (group) session so that in the first place space is made to discuss this quietly. So it can then be decided whether or not to stop or continue the sessions. Then everyone can prepare for a possible farewell, in one of the following final sessions. Everyone is expected to adhere to these agreements. Of course you are welcome to continue a discontinuous therapy later.)

I add a text from an American colleague about the non-regulated missed sessions.

Sessions is Good for You!

By Marty Cooper | January 6, 2015

Source: http://www.psychedinsanfrancisco.com/greedy-bastards-paying-for-missed-therapy/

There is a classic moment in psychotherapy when the client and psychotherapist have been told that the most recent policy has been made. In my 13 years of practice, it’s not really a powerful moment, because it’s where the boundaries of therapy are explicitly rather than implicit, and quietly, or not.

In this article I do not have logistic, or financial, in nature, but inextricably bound up in what makes therapy work. Or, as the title points to, why therapists are not an expression of greed or not caring, but rather is part of the foundation. Admittedly, you (as client) might be skeptical or a therapist defending something that seems to benefit them, and bite you. Fair enough. But perhaps this might be a credible counterpoint to a situation in which our otherwise trusted therapist feels like a “greedy bastard.”

My cancellation policy has not been answered yet. , car accident, sudden destructive hail storms. I also pay clients not pay if they are rescheduled within that week. Now, my policy has become 48 hours, outside of which we are reschedule or cancel, and within which the client is responsible for pa