Relaxation therapy

What is relaxation therapy?

Rest … who does not want to go from time to time? But our muscles are never in complete rest. Even when we relax, certain muscles are always tightened. This is partly due to the construction of our body, but often this is also the result of our emotions. Who is sitting with something is a little more tense … and “stretched”. If the muscles are intensely tense for too long, we can form physical complaints. So body and mind work together. Relaxing yourself spontaneously in such situations is a much more demanding task than it often seems at first sight. Through the progressive method of Jacobson as a form of therapy we try to offer the patient techniques to calm themselves.
We start the sessions by making a personal overview and problem analysis. Then we switch to practicing a number of techniques in an adapted environment. But because the patient’s stress also occurs outside of our space, we try to develop techniques with the patient to make them at home, at work, on the street, …. in short, to apply in daily life with a view to more autonomy. In the subsequent sessions we analyze the results and the difficulties of the “home tasks” and try to apply them in increasingly stressful circumstances.

For whom is relaxation therapy suitable?

Relaxation therapy is indicated in clinical pictures but also in people who are under “normal” stress. We only work with adults.