Solution-oriented counseling

What is solution-oriented counseling?

Our counselor primarily wants to be a listening ear for you and tries to create a place where you can talk freely about what you are doing, a place where you can be yourself without being condemned, where you can leave your feelings in all serenity bubble up and experience. You decide what you want to talk about and what you want to work on.

Sometimes we can not see it all because we are too close to the situation. By hearing yourself talking, it is possible to view your story more from a distance. Talking broadens your gaze. By talking about your situation, you gain more insight into your life and your own functioning. You learn to reflect better about yourself.

With solution-oriented counseling she wants to confirm and increase what is already going well. People often have built up their own survival strategy without being aware of it, in which part of the solution is already hidden. During the coaching, I examine the strategies you already use. We try to expand the elements that help you.

She believes that people as experts in their situation are able to find solutions in their own unique way. The intention is to let people discover and use their own resources during the guidance so that they can help themselves. I start from the information you provide. She guides you through your search process to improve your situation.

She attaches great importance to language during counseling. The words you talk about yourself can have an influence on your functioning. That language comes to the fore while you talk or write about yourself. That is why I will sometimes give writing assignments. She believes that writing can be very useful for processing events or for gaining insight into one’s own thinking and doing.

As a solution-oriented counselor, I believe that many situations get stuck because there is no longer any possibility of choice. Guidance goes well if you feel that you can discuss with me what you want to discuss. If you see back choices. Solution-oriented counseling has proved effective for a whole range of problems. Because she believes that a problem is rarely something of one person, but is often embedded in a system, I like to work with the context. But of course that happens in consultation.

Target audiences

I work with children and young people as well as with parents and adults.