For whom?

For everyone who runs school, young or old. Both primary school, secondary school students or students from higher education are welcome. Does the homework make stiff? Do you have a problem with a certain subject?

Do you experience a lot of stress during tests or during exam periods? Are you not sure how to start a planning? Then I’ll help you on your way!


The guidance depends on the needs. This can range from homework counseling, learning plans, counseling to learning disabilities, work-related problems, study methods to study choice guidance and diagnosis of learning disabilities. For the latter I work together with the team of De Leermobiel in Leuven.


The lessons or tasks that a child brings with him are always removed. The self-instruction method of Meichenbaum is followed as an approach. To study curriculum or to successfully complete an assignment, we work in four phases: 1. explore, 2. process, 3. instill and 4. check.

Within these four phases, the child goes in search of a way that suits him or her. After all, studying is something very personal and is therefore always tailor-made

Frequency and duration

Children get a fixed moment when I expect them every week. The duration of a session is agreed during the intake interview and can vary from one to two hours. The age of the child and the nature of the request for help play a major role in this.

Please respect the agreed time. If you want to discuss something with me, you can do so within the agreed space that I reserve for your child.